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Selected Videos & Media Coverage, HK. 交通基建應平衡社會發展需要 學者倡兩大原則達致城市多核發展 12/11/2022 (Two principles of transport infrastructural development to achieve sustainable development)

Hong Kong's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality, Wilson Center, Washington D.C., USA 2022/04/06

Exploring Perceptions and Definitions of Walkability,, Poland 2022/01/31

交通危城|孭仔燈易肇禍? 大涌橋路寬闊、車速快構成五大危機 2021/08/27

城市論壇:屯馬全綫貫東西 鐵路規劃從長計 2021/06/27

Invited Speaker at Future Cities - Hong Kong, organized by Trinity Development & Alumni, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland 2021/05/12

Smart and Sustainable Mobility: Delivering Low Carban Places, organized by CILT International, London, UK 2021/04/21

HKSTP Interview on "Technology and Traffic Simulations" after the Smart Transportation Challenge 2021/03

Interview by China Daily on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge 2020/10

Interview by Portugal Mobi Summit 2020/10

International Conference on Smart Mobility and Logistics in Future Cities 2018/10

HK Education Bureau: Interview about Part 1 The Development of Transport and Logistics in Hong Kong in the PHSE Geography Curriculum Secondary 4-6 (in Cantonese)

HK Education Bureau: Interview about Part 4 Transport Development and Urban Form of the Transport Module in the PHSE Geography Curriculum Secondary 4-6 (in Cantonese)

Interview on RTHK (Newswrap) on 2019/03/03 about a Fatal Traffic Crash Involving a Lorry and a Bus

Interview on TVB (新聞透視) on 2019/03/02 about Elderly Drivers (銀髮司機) (in Cantonese)

Compass: The University of Cambridge Geography Magazine, 4(1), 2018/11:

Academia in Hong Kong: In Conversation with Professor Loo

Radio 1 (香港電台第一台) 2018/10/28:

香港家書:解決三隧擠塞 還看明日大嶼規劃 

(Letter to Hong Kong: Tunnel Traffic Congestion & the Lantau Tomorrow Vision) (in Cantonese)

National University of Singapore (NUS) Global Asia Institute Newsletter 2018/10:

Spearheading Ageing-in-place in Asia through Transforming the Neighbourhood Environment

Ming Pao 2018/10/01:

改善社區步行環境 打破障礙 長者安心出行

(Improve Walking Environment at the Neighbourhood Level to Promote Elderly Mobility) (央視網)2018/09/23:

关注城市连廊建设 香港空中连廊便利市民出行 促进商业发展

(Focus on Elevated Pedestrian Systems in Cities: Hong Kong's Case) (in Madarin)

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